Colin Stanwell-Smith Interview Part 2

formation presented in our interview with Floataway’s founder and float tank engineer, Colin Stanwell-Smith is so valuable and pressing. A conversation of this magnitude rightfully carried on for ages! So, having it broken up into two parts will hopefully help with digesting and assimilating the details of the discussion. Hope you’re ready for seconds, because here it is! In this portion of the interview, Colin touches on the clinical setting that he envisions being the future for Floataway, as well as a fair portion of the entire float industry. We also get to hear more about revolutionary products he’s collaborating with others on developing - like Floataway Portal, PopUpFloat, and the air temperature optimizing tower designed for open float environments. Dylan gushes about the wonder that is the Mandala Ninja Fan, freshly installed out the i-sopod float tank. It’s always on and it's completely silent! The new fan has made such an improvement that some employees have deemed it their new favorite tank.

Virtual Roundtable September 27th

Join Dylan and the gang for a live discussion about what is likely the most effective marketing platform for float centers - social media! The Virtual Roundtable Discussion is in just a couple of short weeks on September 27th. So, be sure to sign up here and mark your calendars!

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