Build Your Own Tank?

This episode is all about listener feedback! Your input and questions through Facebook, Twitter, Speakpipe, and email have been so immensely valuable that we thought our listeners should hear it too. There were a lot of opinions following our last episode on logo design, and listener Emily in particular took to the comment section of the AoF blog to provide her perspective. She wants to let listeners to know why it’s imperative to partner with a professional designer as opposed to the crowdsourcing options we mentioned. Do you agree? [gallery ids="|Lance's Rebel Sweater,|Float Nashville Open Tank"] Blake from Texas used Speakpipe to ask if building his own tank would just be a crazy idea, even if collaborating with contractors and carpenters! Not crazy at all, Blake! Our hosts weigh the pros and cons by sharing their own experience with custom built tanks in their centers. A listener wrote in for some support on electronic waivers and asked what our hosts use. Should he create his own or go with a company? Can they be setup to sync with a client’s profile? This topic sparks a conversation that will need an episode all its own! Show Links Floataway  – Show Sponsor PDF Expert Booker emailmeform MindBody waiverking

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