Becoming a Resident to Start a Float Center - Dylan's Salty Mailbag

Hey folks, today I am posting a letter from a float friend who is working on starting his own float center. As you will read, he has a long journey ahead of him, and I am very inspired by his determination. He is going through a difficult time right now and I am hoping that we can have people post comments of inspiration or some kind of insight for Rishi. Hey Dylan, It's Rishi here. Hope you are all well. I landed here in Canada exactly two weeks ago and it hasn't been easy. Apparently to set up my own business I must either be a citizen or a permanent resident. So now I have to get along the business of becoming a PR. Which is what I am about to do. I will be leaving to work for 15 months in a small town, 3 hours away from Edmonton in Alberta. Seriously, the population is 175. I will work in some oil rig maybe. But if I have to realize my dream of opening my very own "float shoppe" I must go through the process. But it hasn't been easy emotionally. I thought I'd write to you seeing as I feel you'd understand. Everywhere here(Western society) it's about consumerism, own this, buy that, possess this or that. It's an uneasy feeling. Haha. Anyway. In a way just knowing that you guys- the entire float community is there, is reassuring. Hope the months fly and I come over to float at the shoppe. Take care Rishi