Author of Blue Mind, Wallace J Nichols PhD

Wallace J. Nichols, author of Blue Mind and founder of the Blue Marbles Project, joins the gang in this powerful and emotional episode to talk about water as medicine and how water supports us through the stages of our lives. J talks about what inspired Blue Mind and how the process of writing the book was really a process of "connecting the dots". The experience of floating in a float tank, he believes, will inspire people to live compatibly with the water around them. If you follow J on social media, you've seen his regular stream of engaging, interesting posts, and our hosts want to know his secret. J talks about using social media as his notebook, a place to record thoughts and ideas that might interest others. The joy he takes in spreading news he's passionate about is something we can all relate to. Amy upgraded her float rooms with Philips Hue lights, a wireless lighting system that allows for easily controlled dimming of a customized light scene, all controlled from an app. Clients are loving the mood, and Amy is loving how clients no longer need to touch the dimmer switch on the wall. She's also gearing up for the World Aquatic Health Conference in Nashville where Graham and Ashkahn will be giving a presentation on float tanks. It will be an opportunity to meet with health departments and, hopefully, get them floating! Lance shares a change made to the Canadian Float Collective...the "Canadian"! A resource for everyone in the industry, not just in Canada, the Float Collective is growing to focus on North America and the float industry as a whole. He also decided it was time to repair a leak in the shaft seal of one of his pumps as salt was starting to build up inside the motor. He talks about the importance of doing this preventative maintenance to preserve the life of the motor. Dylan got to connect with Charlie this week who is working on opening his center in Portland, not too far from the Float Shoppe. Dylan talks about extending an olive branch and supporting what will be the local competition. With the due date of his and Sandra's baby drawing closer and closer, he's readying himself as well as the Float Shoppe. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Wallace J. Nichols Support Dr. Nichols' next book, Go Deeper: The Seven Ages of Water, via Patreon Get signed copies of Blue Mind Philips Hue lights OnSwitch Float Collective Float Collective Facebook Group  

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