142: Amy Grimes is Back!

She’s back! Amy Grimes, our beloved co-host is back from a little leave spent opening her second location in Tennessee. She recaps the challenges of her opening, including going several months past their target date, being over budget, getting through challenging inspections, strained relationships, an unreliable and unethical contractor, and learning and taking over new modalities. Easy peasy stuff, yes? She shares the lessons they learned and how they survived all of the stress of nearly hitting financial rock bottom, and she talks about the reality of all that comes with this process when things go off track, including the tough emotions and the need for support. Dylan and Brian have been working behind the scenes with Brad Dauk, a fellow float center owner, to create an amazing new tool for financial modeling: FiMo. The product is still in beta testing, but you can click the link below to sign up to stay in the loop. In his weekly updates, Dylan confesses his love for his new FRP and the single membership option he and his team introduced several months ago at The Float Shoppe. Float Conference – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Meet Fimo, Your Float Center Financial Modeler Float Alchemy 360 views