272: When Float Tanks Dye

272: When Float Tanks Dye

It’s always a hot topic - hair dye! A recent conversation on the Float Collective (a Facebook group for float center owners) sparked some great comments about what we should include in our hair dye policies.

We invited Kat Roberts, owner of Surface Float in Canada, to join us and hash out the pros and cons of different policies, and what we should all know about how hair dye works - color molecules, stripping agents, and more!

Kat breaks down her white towel test, performed on site with anyone whose hair may reek havoc on a float tank, and Kim shares why a blanket time-period based policy might only provide a false sense of security. This quick episode is a must-listen for anyone who operates a float center!

Notes from Kat:

If they click the yes box for hair dye, we follow up with the following questions. If they don’t tell us what colour it is we also ask in the follow up email. Hi, Thank you for completing your intake. We have some follow up questions about your hair dye to help us determine the compatibility with the float solution. - What colour is your hair dye? - Is your hair dye permanent, semi permanent, a wash out dye, a hair mask or henna dye? - Approximately how many hair washes have you done since your last application?
If needed we will follow up with the necessary information.

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