269: Everything Butt

269: Everything Butt

Show notes. Show notes. Show notes.

They want me to write show notes, so with an episode like this, that’s the best I can do. Show notes.

How do you write notes for something that covers frog butts, bidets, Caring Bridge, cancer, closures, floods, laundry failures, rock stars, and favorite socks — and write show notes?! I can’t do it.

If you’re looking for advice for running your float center, you might find some here - mostly centered around ensuring you have electricity for the bidet of our dreams, but otherwise, the takeaway is this – get yourself a network of friends who’ll be there to send you inappropriate photos when times are hard, who’ll bring up your secrets on air, and who will laugh and cry with you through it all.

Happy holidays, and happy new year, dear friends. This is a fun one. Sorry, Olga.

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