265: Anorexia Nervosa and Floating with Dr. Emily Choquette

265: Anorexia Nervosa and Floating with Dr. Emily Choquette

We all know that floating is a powerful practice, loaded with countless benefits. We’re often aware that we don’t want to promise too much, but one particular area where we might be able to talk a little more is about how float therapy can be beneficial for patients with body image concerns and/or eating disorders. 

If you made it to the 2022 Float Conference, you likely heard Dr. Emily Choquette sharing the latest findings about how LIBR (Laureate Institute for Brain Research) is studying the impact of float therapy and anorexia nervosa. We were delighted to invited Dr. Choquette to the show to talk in depth about that data, as well as how she got involved in the work. 

She shared that since anorexia is a particularly challenging condition to treat, and new treatments aren’t being developed fast enough, the research that had already been done on anxiety and floating was a perfect gateway to expand studies. Early research shows that even just a single float can promote positive changes in a patient’s perception of their body. 

We chatted with her about what we, as float center owners, can do to continue to foster a relationship with the science community and how to talk about this benefit that could potentially help many individuals who struggle with body image or eating disorders.


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