259: Thor Photomedicine with James Carroll

259: Thor Photomedicine with James Carroll

Let’s get this clear first: stop calling it red light therapy. We stand corrected.

You may have heard of this hot new therapy that’s been taking off across the globe, but in this episode, you’ll discover that it’s not a new therapy, and it’s not “red light therapy”.

It is, however, the medicine of the future - the very same medicine that you saw in Star Trek when someone went to the sick bay, was treated by a laser beam, and healed.

In this episode, James Carroll, founder and CEO of Thor Photomedicine joined us to talk about photobiomodulation therapy, or PBMT. He’s a world-renowned expert in PBMT - a walking, talking, breathing encyclopedia of information about the benefits of this powerful therapy that’s backed by thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies. James shares inspiring stories about how PBM has helped patients across the globe with everything from chronic pain to athletic recovery and even a specific disease that causes blindness.

With more than 100 names for the therapy, it’s hard to sort out the differences between devices and treatments, but James clarifies some of that as he describes what to look for and what benefits to expect if you’re considering adding red light therapy, errrr, photobiomodulation therapy, to your center.

Be sure to stop by the Thor Photomedicine booth at the Float Conference to try it out yourself!


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