126: Rise 2.0 w/ Kevin McColloch

Kevin McColloch, one of the organizers of the upcoming Rise Float Gathering joins us this week to talk about the second annual event scheduled for April 21-22. He was a guest on the show about a year ago, just before the first event, and he’s back again to reflect on that experience and set the stage for the next Gathering, scheduled to take place in just over three weeks from the recording date of this episode. Kevin talks about the difference between The Float Conference and the Rise Float Gathering, with the key differentiating factor being a focus on stories. It’s a blend between conference interaction and community-building, even a bit of a retreat feeling. Kevin shares details about some of the experiences attendees should expect - not just focusing on the business and operations of running a float center, but also the personal development and enriching opportunities for owners who often focus so much on creating healing for others, that they rarely find time to create that same space for themselves. Dylan reflects on his experience from last year, affirming that his experience of connecting with others was a highlight. The team behind the Rise Gathering hopes to bring a wide variety of opportunities to learn from and hear different perspectives on topics and from some well-known leaders in the industry, and they’re offering a unique workshop centered around heart-centered leadership. Given that we all tend to get inspired at an event, but then fall back into the routine of things, Kevin and his team will be creating follow-up touchpoints to ensure participants are able to take away AND implement what they learn at the workshop (scheduled one day before the Gathering begins). This week, Amy is out because she’s working hard to get Float Alchemy’s doors open… at least partially! She’ll be back next week to give an update on the latest progress, and it definitely holds some positive news. Since all float center construction seems to involve delays of some sort, Brian shares about some challenges he’s been facing on some personal projects. Dylan and Brian discuss the recent happenings of security and data issues on Facebook and how that may impact float center owners and their marketing efforts, as well as what individuals should check to ensure their information is kept as private as possible.      Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Float Fuel – Show Sponsor Rise: A Float Community Gathering – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Episode 72: Rise - A Float Gathering