258: Open Swim

You know what they say, “When Kim’s away, the co-hosts will play….”

Maybe that’s not the saying, but this one is a hoot! It’s no secret that your co-hosts have become fast friends over the years on the mic together, so in this episode, you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like when the crew gets together (minus one). Expect no structure. Expect no specific topic of discussion. Expect lots of laughs, and know that you’ll likely walk away feeling a little lighter.

Gloria dishes on her latest crush, you’ll hear about Dylan’s “other” cat, and Drew is buying a cow but also used to be in that business. (These are the things you won’t hear on most episodes - except Gloria’s crushes, of course.)

And you’ll also hear some insider scoop about the latest happenings with the FTA (Floatation Tank Association), because we’re not all fun and games. And just like our group text messages, you might think the conversation is winding down, but then it picks back up with someone crying over Shark Tank.

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