257: Hiring a Manager

257: Hiring a Manager

When a guest asks to speak to the manager, is there any need to look around the room, or are you a one-person show? Or perhaps you’re ready to start working ON your business - not just IN it. 

If you’ve been considering adding a manager (again?!), you’ll definitely want to take notes on this episode! You’ll hear about how each co-host approaches a manager role, how to start your search, and what skills and abilities to look for as you do. 

Gloria talks about why it’s important to lean on another qualified person, primarily because supporting a growing team requires someone who is available to do that, and she has various positions of leadership throughout her company, while Dylan has long relied on a manager, but doesn’t feel the need to seek out someone with a higher level position. Drew provides a great reminder about why it’s important to reflect on your own strengths and opportunities as you consider welcoming a manager.