122: Couples Floating with Debra Worthington

This week’s guest is Debra Worthington, owner of H2Oasis in Tulsa, located near the LIBR facility. She shares details about her choice for float tanks, flooring, and walls. Debra is on the show to talk about couples floating, and she admits that she wasn’t always a fan of the idea. Now, one out of four floats at her center is a pair of individuals instead of a single client. She even has a successful couples’ membership. Debra talks about the merits of floating together, and the reasons her clients float with someone else - either as a couple, family, or friends. At H2Oasis, Debra also offers add-on services to promote date night bookings, and these add-on services have helped to increase her retention rates… and her bottom line. Most importantly, Debra says, “We want to make everyone feel like they’re the center of the universe when they come in.” In our weekly recap, Amy shares a bizarre twist -- she had to fight to be recognized as a public swimming pool at her new float center, after trying to avoid that at her first location. She and Dylan also share their thoughts about losing motivation during the construction process, as the opening date grows closer. Amy is beginning to roll out RewardMore, a program that rewards customers for frequent floating. RewardMore is an app that was developed by Kane Mantyla, owner of Float Matrix. She talks about the differences between the rewards program and her memberships. Dylan shares some great news about his newest team members.   Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Float Fuel – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon RewardMore Episode 84: Weeded Warrior - PTSD