248: How Leadership Will Shape Your Business

What makes a good leader? What inspires employees to stay at your business? What makes them care?

Our guest on this episode has a simple answer for that: care. Sincerely, authentically, and wholeheartedly - care about your people and allow them to shine.

We invited Carolynn Bruce, Kim’s former boss from the corporate world, to join the conversation tonight. You’ll hear a little backstory about how they worked together to shift the culture in a major corporation, and how impactful some simple conversations can be. While some circumstances may be different in large companies, much of what creates a successful team is the same in small businesses like our float centers, as it is in the big ones. Carolynn shares how to show up as a servant leader to help empower your team to give their best, and how starting with that will lead to the outcomes you’re looking for - excellent customer service, engaged employees, and more.


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