241: 2022 Partay!

241: 2022 Partay!

It’s a new year, and we have some fresh faces to share! If you haven’t heard, you can tune in to WATCH The Art of the Float Podcast on Youtube now! The crew took a few weeks off to recharge, enjoy the holidays, get sick, get a black eye, and then appreciate a sweet reunion that you get to witness.

You’ll hear about our holiday adventures, how to move a ferry boat when you don’t need it anymore, and why you might consider moving to a new location, buying your building, opening a second location, or all of the above.

This episode is all about the joy of - and riding the waves from - being in the float world. Even when things feel heavy for a bit, they eventually bounce back, come full circle in some way, and you can count your blessings while dreaming about Maine lobster.

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