220: Float Orientations Part 1

220: Float Orientations Part 1

It’s a topic we allllll love - float orientations! There are countless ways to welcome someone to your center, the float experience, and the logistics of floating at your center. It’s always a favorite topic to discuss, as you’ll hear as our hosts get super hyped up about it in this episode. Since this first impression is so important, the crew shares different ways to deliver the orientation (live or via video), and the pros and cons of each approach. They dive further into how to create a personal connection, the importance of being fully present for each guest, and how to maintain a beginner’s mindset even when you say the same thing over and over each day. 

Be sure to stay tuned to next week’s episode as we continue the conversation, focusing more on the “in-room” orientation and experience. 


Sukhino Float Orientation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raMIy3YaQoE

Mack’s earplugs Kim uses: https://www.macksearplugs.com/product/ear-seals-dual-purpose-ear-plugs/