213: The Fight for Florida

213: The Fight for Florida

Matt and Jacki join todays show to talk about their ongoing battle to keep their float center open in Florida and safely float those in need. The battle against bureaucracy and red tape is sure to get your blood boiling, but there is hope! You can help by sharing stories or testimonials from your client who's lives have been impacted while floating (see below).

With much gratitude, Matt and Jacki ask that you reach out to the following indidviuals, cc'ing all of them together is OK! (copy+pastable email addresses further below). Please share customer testemonials of your clients and how safe floating should be allowed in Florida without the use of harmful chemicals within an enclosed space.

jax@indigofloat.com – Indigo Float Jacksonville (Please copy us)
Scott.rivkees@flhealth.gov – State Surgeon General
GovernorRon.DeSantis@eog.myflorida.com – Florida Governor
mark.lander@flhealth.gov – Deputy Director for County Health
louise.stlaurent@flhealth.gov – Chief Legal Counsel Florida DOH
Shamarial.Roberson@flhealth.gov – Deputy Secretary of Health
Amy.Meyer@flhealth.gov – Duval County Chief Legal Counsel
Bob.Vincent@flhealth.gov – Environmental Administrator, Water Programs, Florida Dept. of Health
Jason.fischer@myfloridahouse.gov – FL House Representative
Cyndi.Stevenson@myfloridahouse.gov – FL House Representative
BEAN.AARON@flsenate.gov – State Senator
mayorlennycurry@coj.net – Jacksonville Mayor
MBoylan@coj.net – Jacksonville City Council Rep
MCarlucci@coj.net – Jacksonville City Council Rep
Fl04jr.outreach@mail.house.gov – John Rutherford, U.S. Congressman

Scott.rivkees@flhealth.gov; GovernorRon.DeSantis@eog.myflorida.com; mark.lander@flhealth.gov; louise.stlaurent@flhealth.gov; Shamarial.Roberson@flhealth.gov; Amy.Meyer@flhealth.gov; Bob.Vincent@flhealth.gov; Jason.fischer@myfloridahouse.gov; Cyndi.Stevenson@myfloridahouse.gov; BEAN.AARON@flsenate.gov; mayorlennycurry@coj.net; MBoylan@coj.net; MCarlucci@coj.net; Fl04jr.outreach@mail.house.gov

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