211: Float Center Maintenance

211: Float Center Maintenance

This is surprising. We have to put an EXPLICIT WARNING on our maintenance episode?! Who knew maintenance could be so…. steamy?! Or perhaps the crew read that this was the gutter maintenance episode, and they ran with their minds in it? It’s a wild one, but stick with it - there’s a ton of great content about maintaining your center and your equipment in here!

While some may not get very excited about routine maintenance, this crew made it fun. Between the tears and the laughter, you’ll pick up a bunch of tips about caring for your caulk, battling hair rats, preventing pink mildew, keeping your plumbing working smoothly, and why you might want to invest in an extra sump pump and carbon filter.

Stick with us for this one - it’s hilarious, immature, and yet, oh-so-useful.

Drew and his Sub-pump for cleaning his water
James Harder with the same setup


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