208: FaceBook Ad Strategies with Jonathan Roug

208: FaceBook Ad Strategies with Jonathan Roug

Pixels, ROAS, and retargeting - oh my! It can feel a bit like the land of Oz when you’re dealing with Facebook ads, but our guest Jonathan Roug from Float Light in Wisconsin helps to break it down so you don’t feel lost on the yellow brick road. Jonathan has shared his strategies for creating sales funnels in a few different platforms, so we were delighted to have him join the Art of the Float to talk about some of the basics… and some of the technical pieces too.

Jonathan’s love-to-learn engineering mindset sets him apart from most Facebook advertisers, and since he’s really not an ad agency, he just loves to share what he knows in order to help other centers. We barely scratched the surface with his profound expertise, and we can’t wait to have him on again to share more! He has a unique approach to advertising his center, including his live events on Facebook (pre-pandemic, of course).