205: Ending 2020 with a Powerful Connection

Imagine having a first float that’s so powerful, it opens up a world of possibilities. That’s what happened to Jesse Parks when he visited our own Gloria Morris’s Float Sixty. A few days after his amazing first float, where he felt “connected to source”, he posted about it on his personal Facebook account, and within a few hours, the post started going viral. Almost two weeks later, his post with a photo of a float tank and a few words about his first sensory deprivation experience, were shared almost 100,000 times, enough to spark Google search trends and some ripple effects to float centers across the U.S. as curious potential float guests started to look for how they could have the same. 

We invited Jesse on to the show to talk about his experience as a first timer, as well as how it was going viral. Jesse is also a musician who creates meditation music that complements float therapy well, so it felt a little serendipitous for all of our paths to cross. 

After the “Knuckleheads” wrap up the conversation with Jesse, loaded with gratitude and some fun plans for the future, they reflect on the challenges - lined with many blessings - this year has brought. One thing is certain - there’s something special about the float industry, and we’re all grateful to be a part of it. 

Thank you for lending us your ears this year. We’ll see ya again after a short break.


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