203: Educational Video Marketing with Guest Andy Chayer

This episode dives deep into using educational video content to market your center, but it comes with a loving content warning. Our marketing expert, Andy Chayer, shares his story of how a very traumatic robbery event led him to float therapy. It’s a powerful reminder of how important the work of running a float center really is.

Andy shares his story of how floating, and a family legacy of small business ownership and marketing, led him to help other float center owners to maximize their reach. Andy talks about how he creates videos that cause 90% of those who watch to respond by becoming repeat float customers, how one video campaign brought in 600 new floaters, and how he uses Facebook ads to create loyal customers.

He dives into data that supports how four major segments exist in the float industry: those with back pain, join pain, anxiety, and depression/mental disorders.

Andy’s data rolls up to one big fact: the float industry can help so many people. We just need to use the right skills to reach them. He’s working hard to make sure the content that he creates can help us do just that.


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