199: Mindfully Social

This week we scratch the surface of social media with our very own Kim Hannan. One of Kim’s consultative offerings is a social media solution that provides content and a scheduling tool. We dabble on the details of how that works, but Kim also drops a few tips to help you get started on (or get a handle on!) your own social strategy.

Organic content growth is wildly different from paid social media advertising, and the long-term strategy requires just that - strategy. As each co-host shares their challenges with juggling the demands of running a float center, you’ll hear some ideas that you can quickly implement, and some that may require a little more thinking and planning.  

Social media can be a DIY task, but Kim shares one of the most important pieces of an effective strategy: the strategy. Without it, you’re just throwing darts in the dark. 

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Creating Loyalty with Social Media - Float Con Presentation Notes

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