Gloria Morris of Float Sixty

Gloria Morris of Float Sixty joins the podcast this week to talk about how she opened her center just nine months after her first float and, one year into the business, is already opening two more locations! She tells her story of learning to meditate in the float tank, realizing this is something that people need, finding a location, and developing a business plan. Because Gloria loves her work in IT, it was her goal from the beginning to set up a float center run by incredible people so that she could manage remotely. She talks about how she assembled her team and the systems they have in place so that she doesn’t need to be there every day. Gloria has a natural focus on analytics, which she’s found to be both beneficial and challenging in an industry where not all of the successes can be measured. She talks about marketing strategies that have been successful for her business and how she analyzes her numbers. She also talks about how she knew it was time to open more locations, what that process has looked like, and how she’s preventing burnout amidst such rapid growth. Lance is back after being gone last week and shares how he’s planning to hire a few more employees this summer so that he can begin to run things more remotely while working to earn a bit more personal income. Amy is taking on a two-month project of reviewing all of Float Nashville’s systems of operation to make sure that they’re up to date with the correct information and accurate instructional videos. She’s aiming to make this review process a regular task so that it won’t take so long each time. After Dylan’s clogged drain scare of last week, he’s been researching and trying out different hair traps for his drains so that hair doesn’t cause a problem in the future. He and his staff discussed something that came up in the Float Collective Facebook group regarding whether float tours for new clients should be done individually or as a group. He also talks about all of the Portland float center owners getting together for drinks and sharing stories.

Great #pdx meeting of float center owners with @danahighfill @mudramassage @floathq & @floatshoppe #FloatLove #whywefloat

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