178: COVID-19 or Corona Virus, with Jason Macdonald

Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 - it has so many names, and just as many stances to take. Are you a prepper? Avoider? Non-believer? Or just a float center owner who needs to be prepared to handle your business in this uncertain time?

In this episode, we invited a special guest, Jason MacDonald to join us to talk about what we, as owners, should and shouldn’t do. Jason is an industry advocate who has spoken at past Float Conferences, and he is a Health inspector in Canada.

Jason dispels some misinformation and shares his general perspective about how the virus is spread and how float centers are already well-equipped to keep the public safe. (He even drops a few one liners that you could use for marketing campaigns!) While there’s a lot of uncharted territory with COVID-19, Jason sheds light on what to look for in your cleaning and disinfecting products to make sure you’re doing just that. Tip: contact/dwell times matter.

Dylan, Gloria, Drew, and Kim then chat about what they’re each doing onsite for their cleaning routines, staff communications, and public messaging. Some are holding out, and some are shouting from the rooftops. In which camp will you fall after hearing it all here?

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