151: 2 Months Open! A Check-in W/Dana of Float North

  This week, Dylan visited Dana Highfill at her center that’s been open for two months. She talks about her experience over the first couple of months, including starting with employees, why’s running the shop solo now, and how she’s toed the line of burnout. She provides a great reality check about the daily nuances of running a center and all the little things that add up to take a lot of time, really pushing the need for time management skills. You’ll hear her perspective on transitioning from a solopreneur with a business that relies solely on her personal skills and availability, to a larger business with multiple modalities and a need for more employees and support teams to run it. Dana shares her plans for 2019 and how to up her marketing game. She and Dylan explore how to represent yourself in your marketing with authenticity.   Show Links FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Meet Fimo, Your Float Center Financial Modeler