148: Float Center as an Event Space

Kim Hannan recently posted a question in the Float Collective, asking others how they handle hosting events and workshops in their float centers, so we invited her to join the show to discuss the topic in person.   Dylan, Amy, and Kim vet out the pros and cons of hosting special events, including some special consideration around strategic scheduling, sound travel, and weighing the return on effort, cost, and impact on the rest of the business. Amy shares ideas for hosting different types of events, getting creative with what you consider “your space” to actually be, and partnering with local businesses for these one-off events. And on the other side of the issue, Dylan talks about why they no longer offer special events at The Float Shoppe. Amy shares a recap of the flurry of activity surrounding her second center, including a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration that had an unexpectedly large crowd. She’s also working on a fun project to brand her kombucha in order to prepare for expanding distribution. For every new thing she takes on, she knows something else has to go on the backburner, which sounds pretty much like Dylan’s week. He just launched his big annual sale, strategically placed around back-to-school time when folks are getting back into a routine, and it’s still far enough away from the holidays. He’s been focusing on decreasing costs and increasing revenue, and one way he’s doing that is with a new Facebook campaign strategy to funnel customers from general awareness through conversion. It’s a cumbersome process, but should have some long-term results. Kim’s in-progress center also recently flooded, so her timeline just keeps sliding, similar to so many others in the buildout phase. Show Links FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Meet Fimo, Your Float Center Financial Modeler Float Research Collective Slides Event question on the Float Collective Float Alchemy tank photos