144: Franchising a Float Center with Beth Jones

Beth Jones is on the show this week to talk about her experiences in opening a float center (and continuing on to franchise) in North Carolina and battling through the strict request from the local health department. After just two years of being open, Beth started working towards franchising her operation after being approached by several interested parties. At Float Spa X, she’s challenging the status quo for how most franchises recruit and establish themselves as a successful venture. If you find yourself feeling like you’re the only one who can do things the way you want them done, be sure to listen for Beth’s strategy for making sure you can “own a business worth having and live a life worth living, all at the same time.”   Amy’s second location is slowly picking up speed, and they’re tweaking their marketing strategy to serve a market that’s very different from their first center. Meanwhile, Amy’s team discovered a fun little surprise in the filter in one of her tanks at her Nashville location… and she had her first Code Brown at her new place. Dylan shares his theory about how TripAdvisor’s setup has changed, and how that impacted his summer schedule.  Be sure to stop by the Art of the Float booth at The Float Conference next week! We’ll be recording some conversations on the spot so we can share your stories with others, and you’ll get to sneak a peek at FiMO, our financial modeling software. And we have a special photography surprise, just for those who are there!   Show Links Float Conference – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Meet Fimo, Your Float Center Financial Modeler