143: Float North is Opening! Guest Dana Highfill

This week, Dana Highfill joins the crew to give an update on Float North, the latest center preparing to open in the Portland area. Dana recently hosted an Open House to invite the public out to see her space and learn about floating. She shares how she handled the event itself, and the highs and lows that came immediately after. Her grand opening is just a few days away, and she’s mostly ready. Dana tells tales of the weird layout in a unique building that is actually pretty great for a float center, and the major challenges of constructing in a space where other services are already open, so they had to work odd hours to prevent disturbing others in the building. Dana has been working on plans and construction for her center for over 7 years, and at one point decided not to move forward, before feeling the call to go for it anyway. You'll learn about the things she wishes she knew during the construction process, and how it went with both professionally installed float rooms and a DIY pool install. Dana’s open pool is Portland's first and only true handicap-accessible tank. This week, Amy is starting to see some growth at Float Alchemy, her second location, and she’s working on plans to keep her actions proactive. A Tennessee Titan ambassador for the Nashville location came to visit her new center (woohoo!). Since adding yet another new service, local cryotherapy, Amy is having to give up her dream office to make room for it. Dylan is working with a new company that’s taking over the food truck spot leased out in his parking lot, and his summer float challenge is underway at The Float Shoppe.   Show Links Float Conference – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Meet Fimo, Your Float Center Financial Modeler Float North