124: Buying A Float Center w/ Angela Mcallister

This week, Angela Mcallister joins us to talk about purchasing an existing float center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was an avid floater at the center for a couple of years, and stepped in to purchase it when the owner decided to sell. Angela talks about the decision to leave the fundraising/sales worlds to take over a float center, and some of the details about the process, including purchasing just the assets of the business versus buying the entire LLC and its liabilities. She shares about the hurdles she had to overcome when trying to get the word out that the center was under new ownership and all the work that goes into rebranding. Angela talks about the team that helped her during the transition and how she revamped the space to improve both cosmetic and functional issues. Angela’s center also has a hyperbaric chamber, so she talks about how that supplements her business by getting referrals from the medical office above her in her building. The past week has been full of highs and lows for Amy, and she recaps her most recent inspection and her plans for the finishing touches as they prepare to open Float Alchemy. If you recall from last week’s episode, Dylan’s tiles are starting to deteriorate quickly, and this week, he took care of some updates.   Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Float Fuel – Show Sponsor Rise: A Float Community Gathering – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Ep 117: Gloria Opens a Second Float Center Amazon: Light switch guard cover plate