117: Gloria Morris Opens a Second Float Center

This week’s episode is fit for prime time television… demolishing spaces, knocking down walls, legal battles, dual washers and dryers, and big dreams. Amy shares the latest news about Float Alchemy - passing her inspections and walls going up. She shares their plans for getting her tanks in the space, and how they’re going to swap out for some “Mark-made” creations in the near future. Amy shares some challenges her team has faced recently, and she and Dylan discuss how the “human” side of having employees can impact the business and how to lead and support individuals during those times. Dylan and Sandra had a chance to get away and get some rest for a couple of days as Dylan overcomes illness. Gloria Morris, owner of Float Sixty in Chicago and Northwest Indiana, is also excited to see walls going up in her new location. The whole team discusses the different methods of designing a space - form over function versus the alternative. In her original location, Gloria used high-end materials, and she shares why she’s moving towards more durable, efficient options in her next shop. Be prepared to cringe when you hear about Gloria having to let go of the original location for her second center. Her story includes final plans, leases, asbestos, HUD, and attorneys… The whole group talks through how they use Slack as a communication tool, and how to use it for multiple locations and teams before they dive into the reasons Amy and Gloria have each decided to open a second location. Gloria also shares how her business and marketing background serves her well in running her float centers. The team wraps up by announcing some big news about consulting opportunities with Art of the Float. Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Fuel - Show Sponsor Slack app for team communication Pro Float Products Patreon Consulting with Art of the Float