1 Year Anniversary Episode!

Regular listeners of the show know that we encourage pausing to celebrate those special milestones, which is why we're dedicating this episode to celebrating the podcast's one year anniversary! Dylan, Amy, Lance, and Brian look back at how this team got together, how the show has evolved since episode one, and their favorite moments from the past year. Get your tissues ready because Dylan surprises Amy, Lance, and Brian with special Speakpipes from family, friends, partners, and even Justin Feinstein! And, of course, we can’t leave out you, dear listeners and roundtable participants, for being on this journey with us. Amy reports back from the World Aquatic Health Conference where Ashkahn and Graham conducted a float tank workshop attended by health departments and pool owners from far and wide. The representative from her local health department was in attendance, and she was blown away by his special interest in float tanks and creating new regulations. Dylan, Amy, and Lance discuss how necessary regulations are and the purpose they serve. Lance is feeling the fatigue as a slow summer at The Float Shack has quickly turned into a busy fall. He also recently met with the rest of the board of The Float Collective to discuss projects on the horizon in the areas of communications, health science, safety and sanitation, fundraising, and program development and is encouraging anyone to get involved who is interested! Dylan took a trip to Tillamook, OR, to check in with Jill Vansant who is opening a float center there. He had a blast helping her put together her Escape Pod, discussing logistics of her center, and reflecting on her progress so far.

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