Virtual Roundtable – Patreon Special

Thank you so much for supporting us through Patreon! As a supporter of our Patreon campaign,  we want to offer you special pricing on our 2017 Virtual Roundtables! 

Planning your float center? Already running one and want to improve your client experience? Do you want to fill your float tanks with more customers while bringing in more revenue?

Art of the Float Roundtable discussions have been designed to bring out the best of our communities practices to elevate float centers. These 2-hour events are packed full of information on a variety of topics that are essential to running a successful float center.

Note: These are LIVE events and will not be recorded.


June 28th, 2017 | Soundproofing

Wednesday, at 5:30PM PT, 8:30PM ET we will be meeting for 2 hours to learn about how sound travels, how sound blocking materials work, how to read STC charts (how to tell if a soundproofing product really works), discuss how best to find weaknesses in soundproofing, and discuss soundproofing products… It’s a lot!
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Season Pass

Gain access to the remaining 3 Round Table Discussions at a discount and become part of our roundtable community! A $89 savings! This is the last time the season pass discount will be available, so take advantage now!
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In a roundtable setting you are surrounded by people with different strengths and backgrounds who can help you cut down or eliminate the learning curves you face in your business and speed up the growth of your center.

Our roundtable setting gives you a chance to experience face-to-face conversation with owners all over the world as you learn new ways to look at issues we all deal with. You’ll get excited all over again, feel invigorated and go back to your center ready to serve your community and reap the rewards!

Connect with other floatrepreneurs who know what it’s like to run a float center, and collectively raise the industry bar.

This year Art of the Float is excited to offer six unique Virtual Roundtable Sessions covering a wide variety of topics.

Round Table Discussion Dates

Defining Your Brand
March 1st
5:30PT, 8:30ET
Join us as we deep dive into discovering exactly what makes the brand of your float center. Learn how to communicate that brand through different media, including logos, web design, float center design and more. Learn from others on what they are doing to realize their brand and how they are communicating that to customers to create a deeper connection and brand loyalty.

April 12th
5:30PT, 8:30ET
Time is money and using the right software can increase efficiency at any float center.  New services and apps are coming out all the time.  It’s tough to know which ones are worth the time and the learning curve.

Marketing Planning
May 17th
5:30PT, 8:30ET
Don’t let opportunities pass you by! What revenue are you missing out on when you throw up a last minute campaign? What clients are missing out on the benefits of the floating experience that only you can give?

This roundtable gives real talk about creating campaigns and measuring marketing goals for the busy float center owner.

June 28th
5:30PT, 8:30ET

One of the most expensive things you’ll do in your float center is soundproofing.  Even if your service is top-notch, sound control can be the one thing that separates an okay float from an amazing experience.

Social Media Marketing
September 27th
5:30PT, 8:30ET

Plan your posts in advance, understand the message you are trying to convey and learn tips on creating your own original content

Holiday Marketing
November 1st
5:30PT, 8:30ET

Let’s get ahead of the holiday marketing curve and plan a smooth and effective rollout to make sure you are one them minds of holiday shoppers during this top spending season.