It’s tough running a float center.  You can feel isolated when you’re fixing a pump late at night, walking into a room with a burst pipe 15 minutes before clients walk in, and wondering how other float centers are dealing with

Why do we all look forward to the float conference every year?  , It’s time to be with people who know what it’s like to run a float center day in and day out and connect in a deeper way.  

Through face-to-face conversation you learn new ways to look at issues we all deal with, you get excited all over again, feel invigorated and go back to your center ready to serve your community and reap the rewards!

After our round table at the 2016 Float Conference, we realized we didn’t want to wait another year to bring this amazing community together again, in real time.


Let’s talk Memberships


Memberships can mean a steady money and a great bottom line each month.  But it’s definitely not passive income!  Our first topic revolves around the heart of your service menu – the membership.

Are you thinking about starting a membership program?  Are you making the most out of the program that you have?  

Gather round our virtual table and we will lay out our programs, our mistakes, the gaps and things to consider when making decisions for your floating membership.



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