Floatography Workshop Resources

Thanks so much for joining my float photography workshop! Please read below for additional software resources, a link to a model release form, a link for a few of Natalia’s fully edited images, and for links to Art of the Float offerings. Enjoy the Float Conference and please say hi!

Editing Tools

There is so much more to explore, particularly in the world of post processing. I use Lightroom and Photoshop, both paid Adobe programs. I use them because I have a discount that makes it very reasonable to use them, If you would like to save money and have 95% of the resources as these programs, check out this list below. If I didn’t start with already having an Adobe subscription, I would be using the free options with no regrets:

Adobe Lightroom
This will take care of almost all of your needs for standard photography for your business

Adobe Photoshop
For advanced photo manipulation

browser based, ad supported, Lightroom/Photoshop replacement

Software that can replace Lightroom

Software that can replace Photoshop

Model Release Form

Check out this simple model release form used by photographers around the world

Art of the Float Resources

We do all sorts of cool things at art of the float!

  • Listen to our (mostly) weekly podcast here.
  • If you would like photos, videos, and scientific blog posts delivered to you every month check out our Patreon page.
  • If you would like to shop for older images, floating video clips, testimonial videos,
    float related t-shirts and more, check out our new store!
  • Want to predict what your float center’s income will be this winter, next year, three years from now? Check out FiMo our financial calculator.

Thanks again for joining my workshop and kicking off what is sure to be a floatacular weekend!