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Your Float Center Financial Modeling Tool

Don't Just Dream About Your Future Float Center 

Build your float business financials and accurately predict up to 5 years of growth

Revenue Stream Planner

In addition to planned income through float tanks, you can incorporate others products and services you want to offer and see project how they will perform over time

Utility Calculator

Enter your costs and learn how much your utilities will impact your profits

Employee costs are real 

Determine what you can afford and plan for your staffing needs

Quick Assumptions View

Take a quick look at all of your financials for a quick understanding of your numbers

Summers can be slow...

FiMo will predict how different seasons will affect your fill rates and reflect how sales change throughout each fiscal year. 

Choose a pre-made template or custom make your own seasonal adjustments. 

FiMo has many more features including:

  •  Output graphs and charts that are perfect for all types of investors
  •  Dashboard to visualize your financials
  •  Break-even Point Calculator
  •  Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Projections
  •  Projected Income Statement
  •  Loan and debt repayment schedule

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