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Meet our Team

Dylan Calm

Dylan initially left his job in IT inspired by the idea that delivering wellness to Portland, Oregon would be more fulfilling. Turns out he was right! He launched The Float Shoppe with his wife Sandra in 2011. Dylan co-founded Art of the float in 2013 as a blog which has grown into a pillar of the float community delivering a podcast, float media content, a financial modeler and more.

Strengths Float Center Design Soundproofing Brand Identity Software Knowledge
Lightroom and Photoshop proficient  

  • Speaker at the "Float Conference" & "Rise, a Float Gathering"
  • Co-Founder of The Float Shoppe in 2011
  • Art of the Float Co-Founder
  • Art of the Float Photographer
  • Host - Art of the Float podcast  

Brian Van Peski

Co-founding Art of the Float in 2013, Brian's background is in technology, small business consulting, and graphic design.He has a passion for helping small businesses optimize their workflows and processes so they can do more with less.

Strengths Small Business Technology Workflow Design & Optimization Software & Documentation Graphic Design

  • Art of the Float Co-Founder
  • Art of the Float podcast Engineer
  • Art of the Float IT expert

Gloria Morris

Just nine months after trying float therapy for the first time, Gloria opened the doors of Float Sixty Chicago. In less than three years she has three locations!

Strengths Business Strategy Database Marketing & Analytics SBA Loan Process Quickbooks Setup and Reporting Business KPIs and Metric Definitions Brand Integration & Continuity Community Relations Multi Location Scaling Software Knowledge Member Portals for Community Engagement

  • Float Conference Board Member
  • Speaker at "Float Conference" & "Rise, a Float Gathering"
  • Founder of Float Sixty Chicago (River North and South Loop) & Float Sixty Northwest Indiana Board of Directors, Float Conference
  • Host - Art of the Float Podcast

Kim Hannan

With more than 15 years of training and marketing experience, Kim is passionate about helping individuals and business owners create a ripple effect on the world. She is a registered yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher, co-owner of Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave, founder of Sukhino Yoga on the Go, and founder and creative director of Mindfull Solutions, whose sole purpose is helping the people who help people, primarily through social media and other marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing, branding, animated videos, employee training, systems implementation

  • Completed yoga teacher training and started teaching in 2015
  • Started Mindfull Solutions March 2018
  • Opened Sukhino November 2018
  • Float Conference speaker 2019 & 2020
  • Float Conference Board member
  • Third Wave Magazine contributor
  • Host - Art of the Float Podcast


Before starting his center, Drew worked for the Department of Social Services and eventually Juvenile Probation. This delivered an education on how to act with all types of people representing different socio-economic backgrounds. This is where Drew fell in love with people, interacting with people, and a curiosity about what makes people do the things they do. Drew started listening to the Art of the Float podcast without knowing he would open a center. Later he became a consulting client as he planned and built out his own center. Drew is as passionate about floating as he is about martial arts where he has over 9 years training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 4 years of MMA experience, and has recently taken on the new challenge of starting all over as the new guy in Muay Thai.

DIY style for:

Contagious drive to accomplish large tasks

  • Co-founder of New Hampshire Float fall of 2017
  • Opened with 2 tanks, expanding 2 years later.
  • NH Float sold over 10,000 floats by 2020
  • Host - Art of the Float Podcast

See What Our Clients Are Saying

"Not only did consulting with Art of the Float save me THOUSANDS of dollars, but they also took the time to educate me as to why things should be done a certain way." Drew, NH Float Therapy

"Dylan was a huuuge help for us! His insight on the build out of our center was gold. Without his guidance we would have made so many mistakes creating our 3-Pod center, SILENCE." Stephane, Professional Hockey Player & Co-Owner Silence Centre De Flottasion

"Everything from construction to water quality to marketing to day to day business was discussed in detail to prepare us to open and run a float center. Banks and other loan providers have appreciated knowing we have a consultant who is knowledgeable and a leader in the industry." Kasandra, Waves Float Center

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