261: Joining the Float Research Collective Mission w/Dr. Justin Feinstein


If you’ve been living with your head in the sand (like Drew), you might not have heard the biggest news to hit the float world in YEARS. It’s been a twinkle in Dr. Justin Feinstein’s eye for many years, but at last, the Float Research Collective is ready for an official launch.

In this episode, Dr. Feinstein joins the crew to talk about what the FRC is, what he’s been doing with it, where it’s going, and most importantly, how you can get involved.

This project is a bridge between float therapy and the medical community. As funds are raised, they’ll be used to facilitate clinical research that will help promote floating as a respected, effective, and common tool for combating stress, anxiety, pain, and more. Imagine a world where anyone has access to float when they need it. Imagine the ripple effect on society as more and more people are able to reduce their suffering and show up each day as the best versions of themselves – all of us walking around with that post-float glow. It’s hard not to be inspired and excited when you hear Dr. Feinstein speak about his vision.

Sign up for your own team fundraiser and help make it happen!

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Float Tank Association
Mindfull Solutions
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One response to “261: Joining the Float Research Collective Mission w/Dr. Justin Feinstein”

  1. Stephen Johnson Avatar
    Stephen Johnson

    As a Psych RN for 30+ years. I taught psychopharmacology classes, gave and assessed benzos, as well as treated patients in Benzo withdrawal. They are, indeed, aasoverused and in great need of being re-asessed per their usefulness vs their effect and side effects. Floating as primary modality has the potential to make great changes in how we think of and approach wellness and medical treatment.

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