237: Altered States of Consciousness


What happens when you explore the power of “pulling aside the veil”? Dr. Victor Zelek, a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist joins the pod crew to talk about the power of the brain. 

Dr. Zelek shares a little history about how floating was used to treat alcoholism in Russia in the 80s. As a self-described “psychonaut”, his work dives into the depths of exploring altered states of consciousness, with the use of psychedelics, including tools beyond the scope of substances. He describes what a psychedelic state really is, and how we often seek those states, even as children, and how the notion of “lying on the couch” for therapy is in essence, its own form of sensory deprivation. 

We learn a few tips for preparing guests for potential psychedelic experiences of their own, as well as the importance of integration after a session. 


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