238: Diving into Selling Your Float Center


Adult Language Notice!
Joey and Grace La Penna from Mountain Float Spa are fresh out of the float center ownership world… they closed on the sale of their center just a couple of weeks ago, so they joined the crew to share how their float love story started, how it grew and evolved, and why letting it go was the best decision for them after 8 years.

From love at first float to navigating tense moments and the stress it added to their marriage, they share their journey of getting burned out, lessons learned, making the hard decision, working through several potential buyers, and finally finding “the one”. You’ll hear how a broker helped them get momentum and set boundaries around the process, how important it is to have your finances in order and always have an exit strategy – even if you don’t plan to sell – and what it’s like to take time to breathe on the other side of it all.

I-Sopod Float Tank
Mindfull Solutions

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