236: Buying & Selling a Float Center


If you’re thinking about buying an existing business… or selling yours, there are some key things to think about in order to increase your chances of success. In this episode, Amy Reed, who actually doesn’t own a float center, joins the crew to talk about her acquisition of a well-established yoga studio. Her heart-centered approach is one to which many float center owners can relate. Amy shares the behind-the-scenes decisions she had to make when evaluating taking over, why “staging” is important in any business – not just real estate, and why understanding your business’s unique value proposition is critical. You’ll also hear her two secrets to picking “the one” if you’re going into business with someone else, why it’s so important to have a professional team to guide you along the way, and what three big things you should look for before buying a business. Even if you’re not looking at making such a big move, you’ll also hear some indispensable themes about inclusivity and what your communications and marketing strategies say about your business.

I-Sopod Float Tank
Mindfull Solutions

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