223: We’ve Got Issues


It’s been a minute since the crew has seen each other, so this episode is a hodgepodge of personal stories, big news bombs, and inspirational growth.

While Gloria was dealing with the demands of buying and taking over another location and replacing toilets and HVAC systems, Drew was off on vacation, working on his tan for the first time in four years. He’s finally ready to step back to work ON his business, not AT it so much, and gushes about an amazing employee he found who is empowering him to loosen the reins a bit. Following in his shadow, Kim is gearing up to hire staff to run her center while she and her husband begin the journey to do the same. Dylan, in the midst of record breaking temperatures in Portland, shares his tails from being an offsite leader and a crazy situation that happened after a floatography session. Tan lines, tears, celebrations, and clean-ups. Just like running a float center, this is a wild one. 

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