Ep 190: Kyle of Maximum Floats


In the past few episodes, you’ve heard how important it is to continue marketing efforts. In this episode, we dive in deeper into one particular marketing strategy – consultation programs. First, you’ll hear some tips about what to look for if you’re hiring a marketing partner, and then Kyle from Maximum Floats sheds light on some things that float center owners can do on their own to implement programs that bring in new guests and increase the frequency in which they float. One of the key points is to sell programs that solve problems, or “pain points”, not to sell floats. 

Gloria is in the process of kicking off a program with Maximum Floats, and Kim shares a bit about a similar program that she launched on her own at her center. And if you’re a non-salesy center, you’ll pick up a few ideas for how to share information and deals without coming across as pushy – how to be a helper instead. 

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