175: Hot Laundry Talk!


NSFW: This one might just be too hot y’all. We’re here to talk l-a-u-n-d-r-y friends. You might not be ready for this one, but you’re about to hear some passion. The crew is ready to talk about the honest to goodness truth of what most float centers REALLY do – laundry. Considering using a laundry service? Get ready to reconsider, unless you want arms of steel or you have a bank account that’s made of steel. It’s time for the battle of onsite laundry versus noise leaks, actual leaks, and the proper way to fold/roll your towels. 

We’ll dive into some conspiracy theories about why so many people use robes, and how to prevent that, as well as what products/tools to use… or not. 

We told you it’s going to be hot. 

Kim’s robe hang tag
Anti-vibration pads
Dropps laundry detergent

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One response to “175: Hot Laundry Talk!”

  1. Peter Avatar

    We did the numbers, factored in electricity, detergent, softener, cost of machines, cost of towels, depreciation of machines and towels and the relentless time spent loading and unloading, and discovered a towel service where fresh clean new towels are delivered and used towels are taken away is much cheaper.

    Plus you don’t have the noise, and most importantly heat associated with washers and dryers and the stress of when one of your machines inevitably stops working or worse starts leaking at the busiest part of your day.

    A towel service frees up your staff to concentrate on the more important parts of your float business such as customer service and sales.

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