154: Float Marketplace – Float Scents


Tim Worsham, owner of Float Scents, joins us this week to continue our “Float Marketplace” series. Tim has been managing a center for several years, during after an evening of floaty musings over beers with Stephen Johnson, Tim mentioned the idea of introducing aromatherapy into the float experience. After exploring several ideas, Tim eventually landed on the concept of a lip balm.

He talks about the process he went through to research his idea and test a few concepts before deciding to make her own. His ingredients are simple, with a focus on the scent. Tim talks about how scents are often tied to memories, but how scents can also have the opposite effect. If you’ve created a great float experience, while the client is using say, a lavender scent, the memory of that great float may be triggered later if the client smells lavender again.


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