149: Does Your Float Center Need a Dress Code?


Calling all fashion police! This week, Amy and Dylan are diving into the world of fashion, well, float fashion at least.  Should employees wear a specific uniform? Show their personalities? Flash some logo wear? Amy talks about the intriguing reason why she keeps a pretty loose grasp on dress code at her centers, including one particular team member who loves to let his toes be center stage. Dylan obviously doesn’t live in the south, because he thinks those toes should always be covered. (And stubbed toes and foot injuries weigh on his mind too!) Dylan also talks about how clothing impacts the feeling his customers get when they walk in.

You’ll also hear some fresh ideas about what to include in your dress code, like scrubs, hats, shorts, gloves, and perhaps defining the dress code depending on the employee’s role, so the front desk person has one requirement, whereas someone who’s turning the rooms would adhere to a different set of rules. You’ll hear a little heat when Crocs shoes come up – and some humorous debate about “dropped v-necks”, and a little discomfort about undergarments, or the lack thereof.

Dylan is happy to see that folks are starting to “go back inside” now that the summer is winding down, which will lead them back to The Float Shoppe. However, some recent changes on Trip Advisor are impacting his business now that they’re promoting the hotel stays and rental cars more than just what visitors should do while in town. The good news though is that since switching to a single membership, even though actual floats were down over the summer, revenue remained consistent. He also gives an update on the annual sale they offer. He also talks about why he’s asking customers to UNSUBSCRIBE to his mailing list. (Yep, you read that right!) And float business is starting to pick up at Float Alchemy, but Amy had her first Code Pink on their busiest day.  Be sure to send her a little congratulations on the five-year anniversary of Float Nashville too!

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