Live with the FTA and Float Community!


This week is a wild one… we opened up an invitation to the float community to join us for a conversation with and about the Float Tank Association (FTA). Kevin Johnson, Shoshana Leibner, and Glenn and Lee Perry (all FTA board members) join the crew and several float center owners to have an earnest conversation about the state of the organization.

In an attempt to break through silos and make progress, you’ll hear some concerns aired, and the FTA representatives clarify their current priorities. They’re doing some really great work, and if you own a float center, you really need to know about some (most… okay, ALL) of it, including work on a standard waiver form, documenting recommended procedures for emergency situations, exciting research projects, and more.

Through all of the debate about how to best create an organization that serves the industry, one thing shines through. We’re in this together, and we have to do this together. Get involved at the links below.


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Float Tank Association
Float Tank Association Facebook Page

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One response to “Live with the FTA and Float Community!”

  1. FTA Avatar

    Special thanks to Art of the Float. FTA is interested in communication and transparency. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss and become more familiar with the community we are dedicated to protect and serve.

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