We’re Back Baby! (holiday sales review)


The team is back for the new year, and they’re sharing details about their holiday results. First, Dylan and Brain share details about how the Patreon support program is changing, and how you can get some amazing, full resolution photos to use in your marketing efforts.

Dylan shares his year-over-year gross sales increases (and a little throwback to that year his website was hacked…), and Amy talks about her gift certificate sales trends each year. She further explains the change in her strategy for offering discounts (or lack thereof!) during the holiday season. One of those ideas was to ask people to bring in gloves for a local organization in exchange for a discount on gift certificates. You might be surprised by the results.

Amy gives an update on her progress toward opening Float Alchemy, including a little mixup on the HVAC inspection that cost some extra time.

The team then dives in to their goals for 2018, and Amy shares that she’s relying heavily on her systems and employee training at Float Nashville while she’s focused on getting Float Alchemy up and running. With added services like cryotherapy and a kombucha taproom, she knows there’s a learning curve to operating an expanded center, and she’s looking for your tips on how to balance it all.

Dylan talks about having a steady 2018 and how they plan to maintain their facilities and keep their focus on their newly streamlined membership program. They’re also exploring some marketing opportunities for The Float Shoppe.

The team wraps it up with some inspirational thoughts for making this an impactful year and a new way to use the speakpipe to bring our community together.

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2 responses to “We’re Back Baby! (holiday sales review)”

  1. Nail Gareev Avatar

    Hello dear float colleges!
    I would appreciate to set more information re how to buy professional photos of float theme.
    Nail Gareev

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      Hi Nail! I don’t know of anyone other than ourselves who provides this, but you can sign up for monthly emails from us on our Patreon at http://www.Patreon.com/ArtoftheFloat or purchase them individually soon via a gallery we will be launching shortly.

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