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Jeremy Jacobs of FLOAT, a four tank facility in San Antonio, TX, joins the gang this week to celebrate their one year anniversary! They just hired a new employee to fill an administrative/customer service role at the facility, and Jeremy is doing this mostly from memory! He definitely has plans to use the training notes as a foundation for an operations manual. Their local public radio station regularly promotes a throwback movie night, and FLOAT is sponsoring a showing of Altered States at the nearby theater! With a background in sales he enjoys taking every opportunity to actually speak with the public about what floating is, providing an opportunity to open a dialog and truly inform. He shares with us the early days of opening FLOAT, being incredibly fortunate to have Kevin Johnson at Zero Gravity Institute in Austin, TX just a phone call away and no problem sourcing funding and labor skills. All that luck was countered by having a terrible real estate broker whose priority was to weasel extra commission out of every angle while finding their facility location. This cost them thousands extra, as well as unnecessarily delaying their buildout over a year, but about three years of perseverance paid off in the end! They wound up with an enviable lease arrangement on a property that suits them well, but they were only about 6 weeks short of reaching their goal of becoming the first float center in the city. There have been some unfriendly/undercutting statements and actions made by other float centers in the area, but that hasn’t stopped collaborative interactions from occurring, too. Jeremy’s passion for providing high quality float experiences and connecting with his community keeps him on track and is truly inspiring!

After being behind for the past couple of weeks, Amy is happy to say that things have been going smoothly with the contactors, and an inspector will be by soon to sign off on the plumbing so they can pour concrete and set up the foundation! They have already hired their first employee for the second location, and it’s such a vital position to fill. The newest addition is a current dedicated floater at Float Nashville and turns out, she fits in perfectly as community liaison in Murfreesboro! Meanwhile, Mark, being a huge Dodgers fan, has his hands full between following the World Series and building float tanks for the new facility.

Recently, when a client came to float for the second time at the Float Shoppe, she asked how she is notified of the end of her float session! This brought up the need to revisit with employees what topics are covered in the introduction to floating, and what is explained when the client is being shown to their float room. Sleep is in short supply around the Calm household, so Dylan joins us this week proudly clad in pajamas, ready to hit the pillow whenever the opportunity arises!

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