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Michelle McArthur of Daydream Social Media located in Vancouver, BC joins us this week to share some insights into social media marketing specifically for float centers. She got her start co-owning a social media business with her sister in Calgary, AB. Then, like many of us, she had dreams of opening her own float center after some profound floating experiences. After relocating to Vancouver and gaining some experience working at float centers in the area, she instead discovered that there is a need in the industry for her established skills. Delving into Facebook marketing in particular, she shares with us some of her sage advice. For the best foundation, she recommends developing your original branding, organic content, and having specific goals for ad campaigns. Embracing and promoting your own unique brand is something Michelle strongly encourages small businesses to do, and the gang explores how employee written blogs are a great way to source that unique content for float centers. Also, with images in marketing, we get an excellent reminder that pictures of people are great because people love people. Video is quickly becoming the most consumed format of media, and a helpful suggestion when promoting written blog content is to make a short video that highlights points elaborated in the blog. Above all, Michelle drives home the point that pacing yourself and focusing on quality is always the best approach with marketing.

The opportunity to explore this topic further in real-time with a group of your peers is just around the corner! Join us for the upcoming Virtual Roundtable Discussion on September 27th by signing up here!

Comparing the stress and labor of opening a second float center to what she imagines pregnancy and childbirth to be like, Amy can’t wait for new addition to be here already! Snags in the loan process have continued to arise, but have now finally settled in a place where things are progressing. After one of their contractors bids was twice the cost of what they have budgeted, another magically appeared. A contractor who not only agreed to a maximum fixed budget, but with as long as no surprises arise, they would be able to complete the job within the budget. If that doesn’t happen, though, this contractor is also okay with stopping work once the actual budgeted amount for expenses has been reached.

Getting back into climbing has reminded Dylan of how important a tool it is for him. Not only for physical fitness, but also the simultaneous mental benefit that comes from focusing his mind on a single, vital task. Back at the Float Shoppe, it’s the bi-annual light switch and electrical outlet clean-out time – because, yes, salt gets in there, too! Signing up for Canva Design Software is something that he’s finally checked off his to-do list. Posted below are some of the original images he’s created using this tool.


Virtual Roundtable September 27th

Join Dylan and the gang for a live discussion about what is likely the most effective marketing platform for float centers – social media! The Virtual Roundtable Discussion is in just a couple of short weeks on September 27th. So, be sure to sign up here and mark your calendars!

Dylan’s first draft of his awareness campaign using Canva


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