100: FTA RoundTable Discussion


It’s the 100th episode of the podcast! This week we present the final recording from this year’s Float Conference, the Float Tank Association discussion, presented by Shoshana Leibner. Audio from this recording isn’t the highest caliber, but well worth an attentive listen. Important points, including regulations and how the FTA will be evolving are covered during this very open discussion.

Please see notes/corrections provided by the FTA on this roundtable discussion

27:45 – There is a description of the how NSF and CMAHC work.
It is mentioned that these organizations write standards and sell them to health departments.

While this is true of NSF, it is not true of CMAHC. The MAHC code is available at no charge.

1:19:00 – There was a question whether the FTA Standards were voted on by the board before they were published online.

North American Float Standard most recent revision was in 2017 and voted on and approved by the FTA board prior to publication online.

Additional Corrections

CMAHC was called the Committee for the Model Aquatic Health Code
Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code is correct.

FTA legal structure – We are a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization.

FTA’s Board of Directors – Kevin Johnson, Carol Johnson, Glenn Perry, Lee Perry, Ashkahn Jahromi, Graham Talley, Stephen Johnson, Laurie Arroyo, Cecil Roebuck, David Wasserman, Thomas Fine, Shoshana Leibner (Director).

We want to address, in detail, the concerns brought up at this year’s FTA workshop.


About FTA as the voice of the floatation industry, it is of primary importance to FTA to recommend best practices and encourage members to establish and maintain a high level of professionalism. As the industry expands internationally, FTA’s guidelines set the level of quality and integrity expected from the floatation community throughout the world.

A pattern noticed at The Float Shoppe has prompted a service evolution. Massage therapist coverage wasn’t able to meet demands for massage appointments. So, Dylan and Sandra enjoyed the interview process of hiring new massage therapist employees, and they will soon be expanding hours of massage operations. Also, they’ve nailed down the details of their new secret menu massage membership!

Amy’s new float center’s permits are being held back right now, until she answers to some of the concerns on building codes. Some pretty ludacris concerns, like grease traps required for the drains(bacon grease?!) and accusations of there being too many showers in the plans! Icing on that cake – Amy struggled her way through this communication from a farmland hilltop, chasing the patchy cell reception with her phone held high.

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